The Faculty of Psychology

  • Department of Psychology (2024 enrollment limit: 150 students) Established in 2018
The Faculty of Psychology was established in April 2018, adding to the programs offered by the Department of Human Psychology in the Faculty of Humanities and Sciences, to give students a better understanding of the human psyche and address an increasingly diverse array of social problems.
The Faculty is dedicated to providing students with a broad range of knowledge and problem-solving skills by offering courses in psychology, a living social discipline, in the form of practical knowledge useful in a variety of settings and through a curriculum that prepares students to become licensed psychologists under Japan’s first official qualification in psychology.

Developing a Comprehensive, Multifaceted Understanding of the Human Psyche

To develop an understanding of the human psyche, the physical mechanisms that underpin it as well as the individual’s interactions with society must be studied. This program goes beyond traditional psychological courses on emotion, cognition, and development to foster a comprehensive, multifaceted understanding of the psyche through a broad range of courses on subjects such as medicine, social welfare, education, justice, and industry.

Training Students for a Range of Social Careers through Practical Learning

The program offers seminars and practical training beginning in the first year that allows students to go beyond classroom learning and experience psychology in the real world, relying on their own physical and mental abilities. Third- and fourth-year students participate in the practical study of psychology in real-life locations as they refine their skills in communication, problem-solving, information-gathering, and self-reflection.

Well-equipped Facilities and a Regional Network

Building 14, which houses the Faculty of Psychology, is a well-equipped environment in which students can further their studies; it includes the Manabee Parenting Salon (a children’s playroom for behavioral observation), a neuropsychology lab, and an acoustic psychology lab. In addition, students get hands-on experience in psychology through practical training and fieldwork that take advantage of the Faculty’s regional network.

Department of Psychology

Practical psychology that can be applied in the real world

The Department of Psychology is dedicated to preparing its students for a wide variety of careers through a program that provides a carefully-calibrated balance of studies in a broad range of subject areas that present psychology as a living social discipline. The curriculum prepares students to take the licensed psychologist examination and paves the way for them to continue their studies at the graduate level, leading to a specialized career in psychology.

Experiencing connections between psychology and society

Topics 01

The Manabee Parenting Salon Encouraging parents and children living nearby to visit the campus

The Faculty’s playroom, located in Kobe’s Nishi Ward (home to numerous families with children), is open to the community. Students and faculty members offer a special program once a week.

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Learning cutting-edge fields from active doctors

The Faculty of Psychology also has faculty members who are active as doctors. These professionals can tap into the knowledge they have gained from treating patients on a daily basis to teach their students about the latest developments in the field.

Topics 03

Clinical Psychology Counseling Center

The University opened the Clinical Psychology Counseling Center in 2007 to help those dealing with interpersonal relationship difficulties at school, work, and home. Full-time intake workers and counselors help local residents maintain their emotional health, while graduate students gain practical experience by offering psychological counseling.

More detailed information is available in the Faculty of Psychology's magazine.