The Faculty of Business Administration

  • Department of Business Administration (2024 enrollment limit: 340 students) Established in 2004
There are currently many businesses all around us, including convenience stores, banks, automobile manufacturers, and transportation companies. Our daily lives would not be possible without them. Such businesses create value each day, enriching people’s lives and society as a whole. Business administration refers to the mechanisms by which businesses create value and to the measures they take to continue to exist as significant parts of society. The well-being of the people working for these businesses must also be ensured. It is this Faculty’s goal to study the operation of business administration with a multi-faceted approach.

Learning about the Activity and Role of Companies in Society and the Economy

What role should companies play in society? How do they function in the flow of resources such as people, goods, money, and information? Our students study the mechanisms by which companies fulfill their social responsibility and a range of other business-related topics.

Learning about Data Science for Supporting Corporate Management for Supporting Corporate Management

To keep pace in an advanced information society, it is essential not only to operate computers but to learn theory and skills for handling data and artificial intelligence (AI).
The Faculty of Business Administration provides students with this essential knowledge and training.

Learning Specialized Languages to Respond to a Globalized Society

Corporations move within the international arena. Communication in foreign languages is essential for international business in today’s world. We take a practical, business-oriented approach to the study of English and Chinese.

Department of Business Administration -Accurately understand economic, political, and cultural trends.-

Business Administration and Accounting Major (enrollment limit: 290 students)

Business Administration Course

Students can learn fundamental knowledge necessary to operate a company, from company management to management organization and strategy, as well as specialist knowledge about distribution, marketing, and human resources.

Accounting Course

Students acquire not only the basic computer skills essential for business and business administration, but also the theory and skills for collecting, processing, and analyzing data as well as the basic knowledge for handling AI. Through subjects such as "Business Statistics," "Programming," "Data Analysis," and "Artificial Intelligence," students can learn from basic theories to practical application.

Data Science Major (enrollment limit: 50 students)

Data Science Course

In April 2023, we plan to separate this Department into two majors. On will be the business administration and accounting major, where students will learn about corporate administration as well as finance and accounting. The other will be the data science major, where students will learn about data processing and analysis.

Getting up close and personal with business while still in school

Topics 01

"Collaboration with general companies"

We sold fair-trade coffee together with Kobe Coffee at Earth Day Kobe (Minato-no-Mori Park). We also held tasting events at Kobe MARUI thereafter.

Topics 02

Career training that maps out one’s future

First-year students take "Introduction to Career Training" in order to learn the basics of the working world. Second-year students take a special course for the purpose of career design. Third-year students have the opportunity to take part in company internships. We also offer special business administration lectures to third- and fourth-year students.

Topics 03

Faculty of Business Administration newsletter, Business C3

Active learning examples were introduced, including a museum opening commemoration lottery and the planning of Fairtrade products with Kobe Coffee.

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