Long-term Student Exchange Program

1. General Information

2. Admission

3. Language Proficiency

Japanese: JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) Level 4(N4), or equivalent level of Japanese proficiency is required.

4.Student Visa

In order to study at KGU, Students must obtain ”Student Visa” prior to entering Japan. If students have other type of Visa already, please contact us before applying.


5-1. Regular Courses Taught in Japanese

5-2. Japanese Language Courses

Course Level Class hours per week Period Remarks
Level A
(N4 or equivalent)

Japanese 1.5 hours × 6period

JLPT preparation 1.5 hours ×2period

Japanese 1semester(15weeks)

JLPT preparation(10weeks)

The contents of Japanese courses include grammar, vocabulary, Kana/Kanji, reading, writing, and speaking, etc.
Those are set up by the Center for General Education and are credit bearing.

JLPT preparations are set up by the International Exchange Center and are non-credit bearing.
The international exchange center will issue a certificate of completion for these classes.

Level B
(N3 or equivalent)
Level C
(N2 or equivalent)

6. Academic Calendar

7. Application Deadline

  Start from Spring Semester
(early Apr to early Aug)
Start from Fall Semester
(mid Sep to early Feb)
1. Nomination of Students
Submission of the original documents for Admission and for Students Visa
November 30th of the previous year April 30th of the same year
2. Admission approval at host faculty December in previous year May
3.Email us your preferred Accommodation(off-campus apartment or Homestay) December in previous year May
4. "Admission Certificate" and "Certificate of Eligibility" to be sent to home university March August
5. Application for student visa by the exchange student As soon as the student receives "Admission Certificate" and "Certificate of Eligibility"
6. Book airplane tickets and Inform KGU of the flight details Orientation day will be a few days before the commencement of the semester.
Exchange students are required to arrive one or two days before the orientation.

8. Documents Required

Once you are nominated by your home university as an exchange student, please submit the following original documents by post or Email.

Documents for Admission and Student Visa
1) Application form for Exchange Program (*Form1)Word : a photo ID should be attached
2) Study Plan (*Form2)Word
3) Self-Introduction (*Form3)Word
4) Letter of Recommendation from a faculty or staff member of the home university (*Form4)Word
5) Academic transcript from home university
6) Health Certificate (*Form5)PDF
7) Proof of Japanese proficiency; ex. results of Japanese-Language Proficiency test (if any):
It is advised that the students acquire N3 or more level of the test, or conversational-level proficiency.
8) 6 copies of photo ID (4.5x3.5cm)
9) Application forms for Certificate of EligibilityExcel [COE]
10) Photocopy of Passport
11) Certificate of Financial Support (*Form6)PDF:
If the student will be funding by themselves or his/her guardian, a completed form and an official letter of bank balance of the funding person are required.
The total deposit of the bank balance should be more than 800,000 Japanese Yen to obtain a visa.
If the student will receive any financial grant from any organization, a letter of financial support containing the details of the grant from the organization is required.

9. Accommodation Information

1. Off-campus apartment
Fully furnished one bed room with free internet access located walk distance of the campus. The students are required to prepare bedding set (futon & makura) at their own expense. The monthly fee is 33,000yen, which doesn’t include the charge of electricity and water supply. More details are available from here.
2. Homestay
A room with a desk and bedding will be supplied. The house is located approx. 30-60 minutes from the campus. The fee is 3,000 yen per night, which include 2 meals a day (Breakfast & Dinner), free Wi-Fi and all utilities. You can also receive 37,500 yen subsidy monthly from the university. More details are available from here.

  Fees Things included Subsidy
Room fee 33,000yen per month Free internet access
(Not free Wi-Fi)
(1 semester or a year)
Room fee: 3,000yen/night* 2 meals a day(Breakfast & Dinner)
All utilities
Free Wi-Fi
37,500yen per month

*The fees do not include tax.

10. Student Support(Buddy System)

The Buddy system helps incoming exchange students settle into life at KGU by matching them with local students who provide informal support by regularly meeting up and sharing their experiences and tips. KGU students who volunteer for the system are very interested in other cultures and in developing international friendships. The system offers the opportunity to make new friends and be a part of something that celebrates diversity in an informal, fun and sociable way.

11. International Exchange Lounge

The international exchange lounge is a place for both Japanese and international students to be able to meet and communicate with each other. We hold a variety of events which allow students get to know about multi-cultures, make new friends and learn new language. Also, there has a specialized staff member providing support for international students' life in Japan. You are welcome to drop by at any time and interact with various people from around the world.