Message from the President

Providing education that lets students grow:
Looking 50 years into the future

Kobe Gakuin University was established in 1966 with Shigeki Mori as the first President. It initially offered a single course of study, in the Faculty of Nutrition, being founded on the philosophy of "shinri-aikō kosei-sonchō" (love of truth and respect for individuality). The University has now expanded to become the largest private university in Kobe City, with nine faculties and seven graduate schools and a total of 10,000 students. About 80,000 students have graduated from the university or completed graduate school courses.

The founding philosophy of the love of truth and respect for individuality is interpreted as an attitude of "finding joy in acquiring the wisdom provided by the universal academic framework through learning and the pursuit of knowledge, and in the process of doing so, to become aware of and develop a deep respect for our own and others' individuality". It gives us great pride and a great sense of responsibility that the students spend their precious youth at the Kobe Gakuin University campuses. I believe that the mission that Kobe Gakuin University must fulfil is to support the students in the achievement of their dreams based on the founding philosophy.

In 2012, Kobe Gakuin Educational Foundation celebrated the 100th anniversary of its founding. In 2016, the University marked the 50th anniversary of its founding. We believe that the timing of these 100 year and 50 year anniversaries provides us with an excellent opportunity for Kobe Gakuin University to change dramatically. We have therefore announced the Kobe Gakuin 100-Year Declaration as our vision for the next 100 years and have organized the measures that we should implement over the five years from AY2013 to AY2017 into a mid-term action plan.

From now onwards, we will faithfully implement this mid-term action plan in order for Kobe Gakuin University to continue to be a university providing high student satisfaction as "a university remaining to futurity." In the process of the implementation of the plan, in addition to improving the learning environment by reorganizing the Port Island Campus and the Arise Campus, we will also practice education that raises student satisfaction and will respond to what is demanded of the University by improving our research capabilities and giving something back to society.

In particular, we will aim to achieve the construction of a systematic education system as a paradigm shift (large structural switch) in the education at Kobe Gakuin University. In other words, we will make it our fundamental principle to develop education with a long-term viewpoint based on our University Charter and our Three Policies (Admission policy, curriculum policy and diploma policy). We will also construct a new education system whilst ensuring that all of our teaching staff and students have a common understanding of the education contents, educational methods and educational results, and work to nurture the human capital that is the students. As a result, we hope that students will go on to their lives with feelings of pride and affection for Kobe Gakuin University and then, as persons that have graduated or completed courses, will give the University great support into the future.