Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research

The Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research is the largest competitive funding system in Japan. It covers all kinds of original and pioneering academic research, from basic to applied research, in all sectors from the social sciences and humanities to the natural sciences.

List of new projects covered by Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (KAKENHI) in AY2016 (excerpt)

Project name Department name Research title Academic year
Grant-in-Aid for
Scientific Research (B)
Faculty of Nutrition Research into the physiological significance of astringency AY2016-AY2019
Grant-in-Aid for
Scientific Research (C)
Faculty of Law Legal research into book-entry share ownership mechanisms AY2016-AY2018
Faculty of Humanities and Sciences Research into developing a rubric model for education on how to use school libraries to foster systematic development of comprehension
Faculty of Rehabilitation Research into custom-tailored treatment of bedsores using stimulation with minuscule DC current
Faculty of Rehabilitation Research into the application and evaluation of digital textbooks using PDF files for university students with physical disabilities
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences Development of innovative technologies for boosting biomembrane permeation to fast-track clinical development
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences Contribution of HMGB1-RAGE to the mechanism underlying post-stroke pain
Grant-in-Aid for Challenging
Exploratory Research
Faculty of Global Communication Study of demand for global human resources at regional small and medium enterprises: Articulating and systematizing the skills of global human resources AY2016-AY2017
Grant-in-Aid for
Young Scientists(B)
Faculty of Business Administration Bottom-up organizational reform through issue selling
Faculty of Humanities and Sciences Emotional adjustment of children on the high-functioning autism spectrum and verification of its mental health impacts AY2016-AY2018
Faculty of Nutrition Research to effectively utilize nutrition labeling to improve the Japanese diet