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The promotion of University reforms based on the mid-term action plan

The University has formulated a mid-term action plan that defines the measures and annual plans that should be taken by the Kobe Gakuin Educational Foundation over the five years from AY2013 to AY2017. This action plan is based on the "100-Year Declaration" that the University announced at the ceremony held on July 14, 2012 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Educational Foundation. As part of this, Kobe Gakuin University has formulated detailed mid-term plans, execution plans and measures organized into the 5 items of education, student support, research, social contribution and university operation, under the fundamental policy based on the principles, the founding philosophy and the school motto of the Foundation. In addition to establishing a PDCA cycle and steadily implementing the plan each year, the University is also making information available both within the University and externally on the specific details of what is implemented, including the progress of the situation. The following is an introduction to three projects which could be described as the highlights of the mid-term action plan.

April 2014

Faculty of Contemporary Social Studies established

The Faculty of Contemporary Social Studies was established with two departments—the Department of Contemporar y Social Studies and the Department of Social Studies of Disaster Management—to offer a practical education that trains students explore new lifestyles while considering solutions to a variety of issues with which local communities are grappling. The Faculty is dedicated to preparing graduates to decipher issues faced by contemporary society and then discover appropriate solutions.

Institute for Promotion of Higher Education established

The Institute for Promotion of Higher Education was established with the goal of improving the quality of the education offered at Kobe Gakuin University. This initiative included the establishment of three new facilities: the Faculty Development Center, the Center for General Education, and the Center for Teacher Education.

April 2015

Faculty of Global Communication established

The Faculty of Global Communication was established with three courses—the English Course, the Chinese Course, and the Japanese Course—in order to implement the University's basic education principle of "Providing education with a global perspective that meets the ever- diversifying needs of the community" in a more sophisticated manner. The Faculty goes beyond simply cultivating proficiency in foreign languages to foster the ability to communicate effectively, take action, and express oneself as part of its commitment to preparing students for careers on the global stage.

Building D constructed

Construction of Building D, which houses state-of-the-art educational facilities along with an arena and student welfare facilities, was completed at our Port Island Campus with the goal of accommodating new academic faculties, a planned campus reorganization, and additional enhancements to the University's approach to active learning.

Faculty of Rehabilitation reorganized

The Department of Medical Rehabilitation was reorganized, and the departments of Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy created, in recognition of ongoing advancement in rehabilitation techniques and technologies. The Department of Physical Therapy seeks to prepare students for careers in the fields of health and social welfare as well as in the field of medicine, while the Department of Occupational Therapy is dedicated to training professionals with the skills needed to reduce the effects of injuries while working with colleagues in the fields of mental health and social welfare and actively pursuing priorities such as introducing social welfare equipment, putting in place barrier-free facilities, and improving the labor and work environment for disabled individuals.

Campus reorganized and administrative offices relocated

In a series of changes intended to eliminate the need for students in our three faculties to change campuses depending on their year of study, we relocated the five faculties of Law, Business Administration, Contemporary Social Studies, Global Communications, and Pharmaceutical Sciences to the Port Island Campus and the four faculties of Economics, Humanities and Sciences, Rehabilitation, and Nutrition to the Arise Campus. In addition, we relocated the University's administrative offices to the Port Island Campus in order to strengthen collaboration with industry and government.

April 2016

Faculty of Nutrition reorganized

The Course of Nutritional Sciences and Dietetics was established to train registered dieticians and nutrition teachers, while the Course of Nutritional Life Sciences and Medical Technologies was created to train medical technologists. The Faculty is dedicated to preparing students to deal with the advancement of medicine while contributing to team-based medical care.

English Plaza "E-pla"established

English Plaza "E-pla" was established as a place where students can enjoy conversation and activities in English with a staff of native English speakers in a casual and relaxed atmosphere. Since only English is spoken in the facility, students can experience English in an environment that resembles that of a foreign country, without leaving Japan.

Institute for Promotion of Higher Education enhanced

The Center for Career Education was established in order to offer an integrated approach to career-oriented education and career development support that stretches from students' first year of study to their graduation. In addition, a special English-language program known as Kobe Gakuin College was launched as a general education course for students who are interested in pursuing global careers regardless of their faculty or course.

Kobe Gakuin University High School relocated to Port Island

Kobe Gakuin Universit y High School moved to Por t Island as par t of an effor t to strengthen collaboration between the high school and universit y programs while simultaneously putting in place an educational environment that can better meet the needs of a new era.

April 2017

Kobe Gakuin University Junior High School will be established

Kobe Gakuin University Junior High School will be established at Kobe Gakuin University High School's Port Island facility, first opened in April 2016. Our focus is on providing students with an integrated program that extends over six years. With direct progression into our Senior High School, continuing Junior High School students will not have to concern themselves with High School entrance examinations. Additionally, our program seeks to maximize the advantages of its association with the University so that it can better unleash the distinctive personality and potential of each student.

April 2018

Faculty of Psychology will be established

We will establish a Faculty of Psychology in order top repare students to better understand the human psyche and aid in the resolution of an increasingly diverse array of social problems. The faculty will endow students with a broad range of knowledge and problem-solving ability by enabling them to master psychological knowledge while putting it into practice with a combination of experimentation, practical training, and fieldwork that take advantage of well-equipped facilities and an extensive regional network.