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Department of Law

Standard courses in jurisprudence and corporate law for fostering comprehensive judgment

From law and political science to international relations and economics

   The Department of Law aims to nurture comprehensive judgment by examining law and political science from various perspectives. Designed to foster a legal mind, the unique curriculum covers a broad range of subjects, such as jurisprudence, political science, international relations and economics, including the Basic Six Laws, other laws relevant to citizen life, and corporate business law.

Two specialized courses

   Students may freely choose a combination of electives from nine specialized areas, with two courses of specialization.
   One is Jurisprudence Course that focuses on the Basic Six Laws, for students who plan to become public servants; the other is Corporate Management Law Course that is offered to students who wish to pursue careers in the business world, with a legal emphasis. This course system was established to promote more genealogical and systematic study.

Preparation for state law and public servant examinations

   Public servant examinations are divided into legal and administrative streams, which require special knowledge in constitutional law, administrative law, and civil law, in addition to general knowledge. Studies offered by the Faculty of Law aim to provide significant help in passing these examinations. Constitutional law and international law are also required for the popular diplomatic service examination. Special seminars, interdisciplinary public servant courses managed by the Faculty of Law, count as credits toward graduation in the Department of Law. These seminars are offered not only to students seeking to become public servants, but also to those pursuing the legal profession.

Experiment in unique classes

   As part of learning practical law and politics, the special jurisprudence course is taught by experts from local government, and legal and industrial circles. The basic seminar is also offered to first year students, enabling them to master the fundamental concepts of law.

Department of International Relations and Law

Becoming legal specialists in international society by learning worldwide law and politics

A unique department - first in the Kansai

   With the increasing internationalization of companies today, people, commodities, and money are all moving across boundaries, causing many problems overseas due to differences between nations in customs and laws. Problems related to employment and other factors also arise because what is considered common sense in one country is not so in another. Laws are therefore mirrors reflecting the culture of each nation, with differences in laws greatly affecting the problems which arise. With a great number of companies advancing overseas, the need to respond to internationalization by fostering human resources is particularly urgent in Kobe; the Department of International Relations and Law was established to meet this need.

Lectures by visiting professors from abroad

   Reading literatures is one way of getting to know the world; listening to internationally active experts is another. In the Department of International Relations and Law, courses are taught by visiting professors from overseas, in order to give students direct contact with foreign ideas and to foster global thinking.
   The Department of International Relations and Law aims to foster a rich sense of international understanding, and equips students with necessary legal and political knowledge. To learn the rules around the world and become a citizen of the world, it is essential to study not only Japanese laws, but also international politics and laws that form the basis of understanding international relations. Courses in comparative law and politics are also offered. Classes are kept small for effective learning.

Gaining an edge in international business

   More and more companies these days have staff specializing in international law so as to overcome various problems and to enable them to conclude international transaction agreements under fair terms. The department incorporates economics in its curriculum so as to foster a business sense, and offers courses in law and international transaction for the acquiring of international business know-how. Two course models are prepared: one with a focus on international relations, and the other with an emphasis on various problems related to international transactions.

Focusing on Asian nations

   Specialized courses in Asia are offered to deepen knowledge and understanding of this region, including China.
   As many overseas students from Asia and other regions are enrolled in the Faculty of Law, a special curriculum is prepared for these students. The curriculum mainly consists of courses in Japanese language, culture, law and politics; both courses and classes are expected to increase along with the growing number of foreign students. Serving as a window open to the world, the Faculty of Law aims not only at raising the international awareness of its Japanese students, but also at deepening an understanding of Japan on the part of the foreign student body.